Core-Renamer is a tool for conveniently renaming a set of files. It is written for Mac OS 10.6 but should run on Mac OS 10.5 as well.

Should you have any comments are bugreports, please feel free to comment.


  • Apply several renaming steps in a row before you actually rename the files
  • Reorder the files as you like (e.g. for numbering) or click on the columns for automatic ordering
  • Drag & drop files into the table
  • Unlimited undo / redo
  • Replace a string with another string
  • Delete a given amount of characters either from the beginning, from the end or in a certain range
  • Insert a string at a given location
  • Change the character case
  • Number the files with a specified delimiter

If you got any comments, please post them on the Discussion page.

Responses to “Core-Renamer”

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  2. Great tool! I use it on a daily basis!!!

  3. Hi,

    great little tool.
    One suggestion for a feature that would be really useful:
    Add a “swap parts of filename option”, i.e. if I have a file named “core-renamer.pdf” then I’d love to be able to rename it by swapping the parts before and after the dash to “renamer-core.pdf”
    This is the only feature that I can think of missing.
    Thanks for your great work,

  4. @Jan:
    Hi Jan,
    thanks for using Core-Renamer. Unfortunately I’m working on other (non-private) projects right now and as far as I remember I was right inbetween restructuring Core-Renamer to implement another requested feature. But once I pick up work again I’ll see what I can do.

    Chris at
  5. Hi Chris,

    thanks for writing Core-Renamer !!!
    And thanks for thinking of my suggestion for future releases.
    Lots of success with your projects,



  6. Hey Jan,

    I just wanted to let you know that there will be a new version of Core-Renamer available in the AppStore quite soon. It will probably not contain the feature you requested, however it’s on the todo-list and will be in the next release.


    Chris at
  7. Hi,
    I am looking for such an app since migrated to a Mac.
    I need to rename my photos in order of their shot date & time. e.g. YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS .JPG and/or .PNG. If Core-Renamer is able to perform so, I definately will buy from the Mac App Store.
    Looking forward to such an release.

    Jasper at
  8. Hi!

    Thanks for your comment. That feature is on the todo list. I’ll try to get to it next month. Got exams atm.


    Chris at
  9. Nice easy utility – only suggestion is that the number feature doesn’t work as I would like. It’d be better if it was an option to append the number at the end of the filename, before the extension and the user could specify how many digits to use for the number format.

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